Saturday, July 11, 2009

first hospital trip.... check.

i've made it this far without going in to the hospital, which i thought was pretty darn good!

but on thursday evening, i started with the evening sickness again (or so i thought). i couldn't keep anything down that evening, or that night, or in the middle of the night. i tried jello, gatorade, water, and nothing would stay down. i called in sick to work on friday, thinking that if i just rested, it would be better, but by noon i still wasn't able to hold anything down.

i called my doctor, and they told me to head on over to the hospital to get loaded up on IV fluids. when i got there, they hooked me up to the contraction monitor because i had mentioned feeling uncomfortable, and found out that i was having mild contractions - nothing severe, but just really frequent, happening about every minute and lasting 10-15 seconds (normal contractions last a minute or longer). they called it "timable irritability."

the on call dr. (dr. l) thought that dehydration was what was causing the irritability, and thought it would resolve on its own after i had a bolus of fluids. but after getting one bag, they were still going on, so she gave me a shot of brethine to stop the contractions. and within 2-3 minutes of getting it, all the irritability stopped..... but then the side effects came. =( i had the shakes, sweating all over, face flushed, and racing heartbeat. but the medicine did its job, and i was given the choice of whether i wanted to stay overnight or come home.

i probably should have stayed, but decided to come home. i'm feeling much better now, holding down fluids, just a litte tired from trying to do laundry. i'll be taking it easy for a few days and will be back to work on monday doing desk work.

thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


Melissa said...

so glad everything is okay! i can't imagine how scary it was!! i hope you get plenty of rest & feel 10x better! i can't wait to see pics of your precious babies!:)

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