Thursday, May 21, 2009

03.18.09 daycare.... eek!

i’ve started researching daycares, since most of the ones around here have a one year, if not longer, waiting list. i’ve started looking at church-based daycare centers first, and they are averaging anywhere from $110 – $140/week. for one child, that’s reasonable. but if there’s more than one, it starts to add up quickly. and all of the ones i’ve called do offer a sibling discount, but it’s only $5-10 less per week.

i’ve gotten on the waiting list for one that is down the street from my house – they didn’t require a registration fee to be put on it, so i figured, what the hell? it can’t hurt anything. so i called to put my name down, and the lady asked my due date and when the baby would be starting. i told her november 19th, and the baby would be starting around mid-february.

i think i took her by surprise, though, when i told her i would have to call her back to let her know how many babies would need to be wait-listed. she got quiet for a second, then said no problem, just call when we find out how many. hee hee!

i’ve found two other potentials as well, but as time goes on we’re going to visit each one and see what they’re like. if we have more than two, paw paw may be opening his own daycare. =)


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