Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Food!

We're starting the kiddos on jar foods now, and they've decided that they want nothing to do with the stage one purees. The thicker stage twos are perfect - they don't dribble out their mouths, and they come in yummier combinations, like mac and cheese and chicken noodle.

The lesson I learned last night, though, is to not feed sleepy babies. They both started rubbing their eyes (with hands covered in mixed veggies) and got orange mess all in their eyebrows, eyelashes, nostrils, etc. After half a tub of baby wipes, I thought I got the majority of it off, until Jeffry sneezed and sprayed me with veggies.

We're feeding them in their bumbo chairs with the trays attached - they sit up a little better in the chairs rather than high chairs at this point.


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