Thursday, June 3, 2010

CVS, I freakin' love you! Spent: $32.57 Saved $127.53

I love it when I hit a sale and can rack up on stuff!

Southern Savers is a coupon/savings website I frequent pretty regularly. It outlines the sales and promotions each drugstore and local grocery store has every week and also has clickies to get coupons for items to save even more $$$. I saw today that the Huggies coupons here and here both reset, so I printed some off for my trip today. *both of these links will allow you to print 2 coupons per computer.*

(On the first link, you can click "Huggies Savings Center" on the left hand side and get a few additional coupons on Huggies Pure & Natural diapers and Little Swimmers)

I was checking the comments section under CVS's weekly circular, and saw where some people had mentioned that various CVS's had their Huggies Mega Packs (50-60ct) clearanced for $4.49. I thought, no way, that's rediculously cheap - they are usually $19.99 - must be a fluke.

When I got to the baby section and saw tons of 75% off yellow stickies, I got excited. And for good reason! Here's what I came out with today:

3 packs CVS Ultra Thin Diapers Size 4 (for daycare): $2.24 each
2 packs CVS Ultra Thin Diapers Size 5 (for daycare): $2.24 each
4 packs CVS baby wipes 128ct: $1.32
4 packs CVS baby wipes 192ct: $1.74
1 pack CVS baby wipes 72ct $1.64
3 packs Huggies Little Movers Mega Size 4: $4.49
2 Johnson's Bedtime Wash: $1.49


$1.00 off Johnson's baby product x 2 (paid .49 for each wash)
$3.00 off Huggies Little Movers x 3 (paid 1.49 for each pack)

Total Spent: $32.57

Total Savings: $127.53


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