Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parent/Child Dedication

On Mother's Day, we participated in Parent/Child Dedication at our church. Here's a few pics of us during presentation - please excuse the poor quality iPhone pics, but my mom is as forgetful as I am, and both of us walked out the door without our cameras.

Both kids couldn't keep their hands out of their mouths...

and Sadie-little-lady kept wanting to lift her dress in front of the entire congregation...

Jeffry was just fascinated by the lighting system over the pulpit...

But no screaming fits, no meltdowns, and they looked adorable in their matching Bailey Boys seersuckers.

You'll notice in the pics that Jeffry had a cast on his arm at the time... he was born with polydactyly on his left hand, which means he was born with an extra thumb. He had surgery to have it removed, and the orthopedist casted his arm so he wouldn't put his hand in his mouth and chew on the sutures.

Here's a pic of how it looked before - you can see it on the hand that's right in front of his mouth:

The cast is now gone, and it couldn't have come off soon enough - I was getting so sick and tired of the side-eyes everywhere we went. No, I did not break my child's arm, thankyouverymuch.

It's healed up nicely, with hardly a scar.


Anonymous said...

wow, youre gonna be a huge bitch when youre older.. better start doing something with them nasty flabby arms of yours.. *YAK*

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