Saturday, May 15, 2010


I splurged last weekend and bought the kiddos a pair of walkers... you know, the death traps our parents used to put us in, right next to the top of the stairs? :: gasp! ::

After getting home from daycare, I took them outside since the weather was so nice, and let them scoot around the driveway in them. Next time, it'll be a two person job! The only way they can move in them is backwards, so it was a chase to keep Sadie from rolling off into the grass and Jeffry from rolling into the truck. We stayed out long enough to grab a few pics, then it was back inside.

* a note on pics - i hate using a huge obnoxious watermark on my stuff, but i do it to avoid photo stealing/copying. *

Sadie, in all her daycare grubbiness:

The one-finger-in-the-mouth Dr. Evil pose:

A rare smile from Jeffry (he was saving some rice cereal on his shirt for a snack later):

Nomming on fingers - his usual pose:


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